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School Philosophy

Evansdale is the First United Nations Rights Respecting School in Alberta.  We received our final certification (Level 2) in June or 2012.  We are starting with our first full year plan in 2012 and 2013 and look forward to student and parent participation.  This initiative fits perfectly with our Restorative Conduct model, and recognizes the rights and responsibilities of the immensely varied student population at Evansdale.  We are inclusive of all cultures and learning styles, and strive to provide the best education for all our students.  

We focus on programming for our many English Language Learner students, and look forward to continued excellent cooperation with Edmonton Public Personnel, and our community partners including The Family Center, The Mennonite Center, and the Mulit-Cultural Health Brokers.  We are guided by the tremendous work our District has done in laying out the Literacy Plan for the 21st Century.

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