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Parent Resources

1. Curriculum Support for Parents

2. How Do I Help Support My Child's Reading?

3. Cold and Rainy Weather

4. Out-Of-School Care

5. Absences for Holidays



Many stakeholders, including parents, play a vital role in the education of Alberta’s students.  In order to help parents reinforce learning at home, Alberta Education has published the Curriculum Handbook for Parents series.  Visit www.education.alberta.ca to download a copy of this helpful document. 

As partners in education, this resource provides parents with valuable information about the learning goals that have been set for students.  Parents are encouraged to discuss the contents of the Curriculum Handbook for Parents at home with their children and at school with teachers, who can provide further information and guidance. 

Parents may also find it helpful to log into LearnAlberta.ca to find other curricular support materials.  LearnAlberta.ca is a web site that offers a wide range of resources directly tied to what Alberta students are learning in the classroom.  The password for the LearnAlberta.ca will be posted on SchoolZone for parents to access.  These multi-media resources engage students by using video clips, animations, interactive lessons, problem-solving strategies, glossaries and much more to help them learn new things in fun ways.  The site creates a unique learning environment that can help students in and out of class.  Parents will gain a better understanding of what their children are learning and be better prepared to assist at homework time.

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 How do I know that the book my child chooses is right for him / her?

Books that your child takes home should be easy to read.  Difficult books will be frustrating for your child and will discourage him/her from reading.

 How does my child choose an appropriate book?

If 2 or more of these are happening:

Too Easy:

-          You have read it lots of times.

-          You understand the story well.

-          You can understand every word or almost every word.

-          You can read it smoothly.

Just Right:

-          The book is new to you.

-          You understand most of the book.

-          There are just a few words you don’t know.

-          When you read some places are smooth and some are choppy.

-          Someone can read this book with you.

Too Hard:

-          There are many words that you don’t know (5 or more on one page)

-          You are confused about what is happening.

-          When you read it, it sounds very choppy.

-          There is no one to read it with you.

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Recess for students is time to provide a break from regular school routine and a chance to get some exercise and fresh air.  It is expected that children will be dressed warmly enough to be outside for 15 minutes.  When the temperature is colder than -23 Celsius, or if the wind-chill factor creates an equally cold situation, or if there is a storm or extreme wind conditions, regular outside recess is cancelled and students are allowed to remain indoors under their teacher’s supervision.  Students will be dismissed at the regular time.  District schools are generally not closed during periods of cold weather, heavy snowfall or rain.  It can be expected that unless weather conditions become extremely severe, all Edmonton Public Schools will remain open.  Any notice of school closures will be made known through television or radio announcements.

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Evansdale Out of School Care Society – 9303 – 150th Avenue (Located in Room 308). 

If you are working or going to school and in need of quality childcare; we are the non-profit centre for you.  We are conveniently located in your child’s school.  We provide care for your children in grades kindergarten through to grade six, before school, at lunch hour and after school.  We are open during school holidays and offer full day programs.  Our hours of operation are 6:45 a.m. to 5:45 p.m. Monday through Friday.  Our developmental theme based program includes:  Arts and crafts, science activities, games, community outings, music, computer, homework support, snacks and so much more!

Child SUBSIDIES ARE AVAILABLE through the Government of Alberta, Children & Youth Services.

Call Michelle at 780-474-7636 for information.

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A great deal of learning occurs in the classroom through the use of guided questions, dialogue and problem solving.  We therefore request that you try to schedule family holidays during the school breaks.  Parents who choose to take their children out of school and go on a holiday or trip are choosing to accept responsibility for their children’s learning during that period of time.  Home education imparts responsibility to the parents to provide programming that meets the Alberta Education Curriculum guidelines.  If you have scheduled a holiday during school time, we would appreciate notice well in advance, so that teachers can communicate with parents about what the child will be missing.  Teachers are not required to develop handouts or specific lessons for extended holiday time.  Evaluation may indicate “unable to assess” or “absent during this unit” on the progress report.

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