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School Profile

Evansdale School is a community school with approximately 370 students.  All children in the Evansdale attendance area are welcome.  Students at the Evansdale Out of School Care are also able to attend.  Located in a community of great diversity, at Evansdale we work to provide recognition of the amazing multi-cultural nature of our area.  The school provides programming for students in regular class settings, in Arabic Bilingual class settings, in early childhood special needs settings, behavior and learning assistance special needs settings, and we support inclusion of all students at our site. The full day kindergarten program at the school provides a lot of support for younger children who may not have had a lot of exposure to more formal learning, and is a great gift to our community from the Edmonton Public School Board.



Collection of photographs that represent our school and our philosophy.
  • Staff and students enjoying our Traditional Winter Games Day

  • Celebrating Terry Fox Day

  • Grade 6 students learn about business and create their own products for sale to fund raise for a charity of their choosing.

  • Evansdale celebrates the world!

  • Evansdale is the first school in Alberta to receive the UN designation as a Rights Respecting School

  • Students celebrating their success!