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Our school provides a supervised lunch program on a regular or drop-in basis as a service to parents.  However, we encourage parents if at all possible to make other arrangements for lunch.  

Lunch program fees collected cover the costs of the noon hour supervision, additional custodial services and equipment.  For example, all outdoor play equipment used during the noon hour, videos and games for rainy days, soap, paper towels and other supplies are paid for with the fees.  Students typically eat in their classrooms.

Students staying for lunch are expected to behave in a respectful, responsible manner.  Students who are not cooperative will be asked to eat their lunch with another class or they may be temporarily or permanently suspended from the lunch program.

Students not in the regular lunch program who stay for lunch to attend a scheduled extra curricular activity will pay the daily fee to attend and be supervised within the lunch program.

FEES:  $13/child/month                 or $2.00 per day



 “Evansdale’s Nutrition Program” is such an important part of learning at our school.  Having students with full stomachs promotes a healthy attitude toward learning.  In order to provide nutritious snacks to our students, we must be thankful to those who help us make this happen: Evansdale PAC , local businesses , Edmonton Food Bank, Breakfast for Learning.  Without the help of these wonderful people and organizations our students would not be afforded every advantage to achieve at school.

 Breakfast for Learning  provides partial funding towards our nutrition program so we can offer our students a healthy start to their day.

Breakfast for Learning, founded in 1992, aims to educate and empower communities to start and sustain child nutrition programs to enhance learning and healthy development of Canadian children and youth.

As the country’s first national charity dedicated to child nutrition programs, Breakfast for Learning provides program funds, nutrition education resources and research to promote and demonstrate the vital link between child nutrition and learning.

For more information and additional resources, visit www.breakfastforlearning.ca

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In the interest of promoting good nutrition and dental care, the consumption of gum, candy, soft drinks, and “junk food” is not encouraged in the school or on the playground.  We encourage parents to support our efforts and not include such foods in students’ lunches.  We wish to help our students make wise choices in their selection of foods.  Your assistance in helping your child make healthy food choices and in supporting this focus on nutrition by not sending such foods would be most appreciated.

Each year, we have a number of children with severe allergies that may result in life-threatening conditions.  As a result, certain precautions may be taken in the classroom and specific school areas, including the identification of a classroom “allergy friendly”.  Parents and students are expected to adhere to the guidelines laid out in these instances.